• Demystifying Dimming: A Guide to 0-10V and TRIAC dimming for LED Lighting

    Date Published: March 6, 2024 Published By: LED World Staff

    The world of lighting control can get technical, especially when it comes to dimming LED lights. Two popular methods dominate the scene: TRIAC dimming and 0-10V dimming. But what exactly are they, and how do they differ? This blog post aims to clear the confusion and help you choose the right dimming solution for your LED lighting needs.

    TRIAC Dimming

    TRIAC dimming, short for Triode for Alternating Current, is a well-established technology traditionally used for incandescent and halogen lights. It works by “chopping off” portions of the AC sine wave that powers the lights, effectively reducing the average voltage they receive. This, in turn, translates to lower brightness.


    • Widely available and compatible with many existing dimmers.
    • Often the most cost-effective option.


    • May cause flickering or buzzing at lower dimming levels, especially with cheaper LED drivers.
    • Not as smooth or precise as other dimming methods.
    • Compatibility issues with some LED lights.

    0-10V Dimming

    0-10V dimming, also known as analog dimming, utilizes a low-voltage control signal ranging from 0 to 10 volts. This signal directly controls the power delivered to the LED driver, which then adjusts the light output accordingly.


    • Smooth and flicker-free dimming throughout the entire range.
    • Precise control over brightness levels.
    • More reliable compatibility with various LED lights.


    • Requires a compatible 0-10V dimmer and power supply, which can be more expensive than TRIAC options.
    • Not as widely available as TRIAC dimmers.

    Choosing the Right Dimmer:

    The ideal dimming method for you depends on your specific needs and priorities:

    • For cost-effectiveness and compatibility with existing dimmers, TRIAC might suffice. However, be prepared for potential flickering at low brightness.
    • If you prioritize smooth dimming, precise control, and reliable compatibility with modern LED lights, 0-10V is the better choice.

    At LED World we offer 12V Dimmable and 24V Dimmable drivers which are both 0-10V and Triac dimming compatible and provides flicker free dimming.

    Always check the compatibility of your LED lights and chosen dimming method before making a purchase. Consulting a lighting professional can also provide valuable guidance for your specific needs.

    By understanding the nuances of TRIAC and 0-10V dimming, you can make informed decisions and create the perfect lighting ambiance for your space.

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