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0-10V Wireless Dimmer Receiver E3X-D01FP

The 0-10V Wireless Controller receives wireless 0-10V transmission  to control dimmable 0-10V LED power supplies or 0-10V dimmable LED fixtures. The 0-10V receiver can also turn off or dim lights based on signals from wireless or wired sensors detecting occupancy or available natural light. The wireless controlled LED dimmer is perfect for energy-saving applications such as architectural dimming, daylighting, load shedding, and manual ON / automatic OFF control. The dimmer may also be used for custom lighting applications.

Note: Use only with Low Voltage Class 2 Power Supply (8-28VDC, 40mA -not incl. load current)

Pairing Wireless Switch and Receiver

1) Press LRN button on 315MHz Receiver for 0.5 seconds


2) LED Lights will start to Blink
3) On 315MHz wireless switch press the Top of the Rocker Button once


4) Wait for 30 seconds or Press LRN button on 315MHz for 2 seconds. If LED light stop blinking, both Switch and Receiver are paired and ready to use.
5) Press CLR button to reset pairing and start all over again.


Technical Specifications

Range50-150 feet (typical)
Frequency315 MHz
Power Supply Input Rating8-28VDC, 40mA (not incl. load current)
Sensor Input Rating0-28VDC, <1V is Low, >3V is High
Output RatingConstant voltage 0-28VDC, 5A max.
Input Channels1 motion detector / sensor input 1 wired control switch
Output Channels1 output PWM dimming
MemoryStores up to 30 unique wireless transmitter IDs in memory
Operating Temperature-13° to +140°F (- 25° to + 60°C)
Storage Temperature-40° to +140°F (- 40° to + 60°C)
Dimensions2.88″(W) x 1.30″(H) x 0.67″(D) 7.32cm x 3.30cm x 1.70cm


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