• Wifi and DMX Master RGB Controller Hub H-2818WIN


    Product Description

    The H-2818WIN is a Wi-Fi/RF DMX RGB Controller Hub that allows you to control color changing of RGB and RGBW LED Lighting through standard DMX. Attach to a home router and control the color through a Wi-Fi iOS APP installed on a mobile device. To control RGB-W LED strips use the optional DMX decoder.

    Note: Keep Wi-Fi DMX RGB Controller HUEDA Hub (master) H-2818WIN within 75ft range of any HUEDA series RF Color Receivers.

    Wi-Fi DMX RGB Controller Hub Features

    Converts Wi-Fi signal to RF to control HUEDA wireless receivers and DMX standard
    Single or multiple receivers can be controlled by each control system
    Each receiver can be controlled by 8 different remote (max)
    Controlled by APP installed on iOS mobile devices (compatible with iOS versions 8.0 or up)

    Technical Specifications

    Operation Voltage12VDC
    Product Dimension85 x 110 x 24mm (3.34″ x 4.33″ x 0.94″)

    Download Mobile application

    Scan QR code below through your iPhone to download HUEDA™ app (compatible with iOS versions 8.0 or up)


    HUEDA™ Mobile App Features



    Control color, brightness and power with simple intuitive controls over Wi-Fi


    Can control both RGB Flex strips and White Flex strips at the same time via LT-840 DMX decoder


    8 customizable and controllable zones (e.g. kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc…). Touch to select zone and select ON/OFF on color tab to turn zone on or off. Touch and Hold zone to go to advanced settings for Zone.


    Advanced Zone setting allows to change the zone picture and edit the zone name.


    Color Changing based on your favorite music tunes. Advanced beat detection software using state of the art spectral analysis that changes the color of different zones independently to beat with your choice of music.


    9 different color changing customizable effects with adjustable color changing speed


    HUEDA™ app allows it to be connected to Home wifi Network while controlling HUEDA wifi Controller. This makes it possible to Control Color Changing while remaining online. Control Hueda devices using dedicated device access points or through a local area network, whichever your prefer.


    Edit Current HUEDA controller device network name and password via accessing setting tab and selecting change network name.

    Color DMX Decoders

  • New

    100W 24VDC Class 2 LED Driver With DMX Decoder – LW-24100-5C-ADJ

    Max Continuous Load100 W
    Voltage24 VDC Output / 100~277 VAC Input
    Rated Current4.16A
    Power Supply TypeDMX512 Class 2 (Indoor/Outdoor use)
    Built in DMX512 decoder
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  • 5 Channel LED DMX Decoder & Zone Controller LT-995

    DMX Decoder for use with RGB low voltage LED Strips, bars and other low voltage LED RGB lighting.  Set DMX decoder to desire channel (address) to control one or many zones (to control multiple RGB strips). Converts analog signal to universal standard DMX512/1990. Uses 5 channels 256 shades of brightness.

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  • 32 Channel DMX/RDM LED Color Decoder LT-932-OLED

    DMX Decoder for use with Single color, CCT, RGB and RGBW low voltage LED Strips, bars and other LED lighting fixtures.  Set the DMX decoder to desired channel (address) to control one or more zones (to control multiple RGB/W strips as one). Uses 32 channels with 65536 levels grey scale output per channel.

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  • DMX512 Signal Amplifier/Repeater – SR-2100AMP

    SR-2100AMP is a DMX512 signal amplifier complies with standard protocol DMX512 (1990). With DMX signal input and DMX signal output, the signal amplifier works with DMX decoder to expand DMX signals in parallel up to 100m (328ft) range.

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  • HUEDA™ Series DMX Decoder Color Control


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