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300W LED Grow Light Panel C-9

300W LED Grow Light Panel is the light Spectrum optimized for plant production. LED Grow light C-9 is rated for use in damp locations. It is ideal for use in many horticulture applications where more area to cover for optimal plant growth. 300W LED Grow light panel replaces 400W MH/HPS light.

LED grow light features the latest generation in multi-cob LED technology with optimum light curves while using a fraction of the power compared to equivalent HID grow lamps.

LED lighting fixtures are made up of multiple “modules” that contain 3w LEDs and  high output efficient 105° beam angle COB’s. The spectrum has been tested using micro-moles meters to deliver a perfect light spectrum that encourages strong vegetative plant growth and most importantly, strong flowering production.

During the daytime at noon on a clear sunny day, the natural Sun puts out about (PAR) 1000 to 1200 micromole (µmol) and on a cloudy day (this can vary) about 500 micromole . The light spectrum from the Sun however has more green than is necessary for most plants, especially cannabis, tomatoes and others. With our LED grow panels, green is included in the spectrum however at a lower ratio compared to the necessary blue spectrum 400-500nm and red spectrum 600-760nm that allow for most growth.

Two switch modes of growing allow the user to switch from seedling growth or flowering Growth Mode. These modes can be run on their own, or in any combination, meaning you can give plants exactly what they need at any phase during their life cycle. Running the different modes also couldn’t by turning a switch to on to achieve the perfect light spectrum.

The Grow Panel is housed in a thermo optimized chassis featuring aluminum side panels, and cooling fans. There are also 2 different models available, C-4 & C-16 with different light outputs for each model. The C-4 replaces a 250 watt HD light and the C-16 replaces a  900 watt sodium light equivalent.

300W LED Grow Light features an optimized light spectrum most favourable for plant growth. Full Spectrum is great for all stages of plant growth, especially the vegetative and flowering stage. LED Grow Light panel can be used as a primary lighting or as a supplemental lighting source in an indoor grow environment.

Features & Benefits

Meets new UL 8800 Horticultural Standard
Optimized full light spectrum for faster plant growth
Ideal for the vegetative and flowering stage
Low power consumption
Rated for use in damp locations indoor uses only
Optimized airflow design inside the housing
Two switch for light modes
Mounting Eyelets and kit for easy mounting

Technical Specifications

Power InputAC 100-250V
SpectrumFull Spectrum
LED Qty9 COB LEDs, 9 x 6 white SMD 3535 LEDs
Beam Angle105°
LED ChannelsVeg / Blooming
Control2 switches
Install LocationIndoor Damp location use
Max Grow Tent size3x3ft / 3x4ft
Operation Temp-20°C ~ 40°C (-4°F ~ 104°F)
Dimensions421L x 421W x 70H mm (16.5″L x 16.5″W x 2.7″H)


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