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LED Power Supply

Our Dimmable low voltage and regulated LED driver is class 2 rated power supply. Electronic Dimmable drivers are designed to fully dimmable with any standard TRIAC dimmer switch. It’s low profile aluminum enclosure that includes knock-outs for easy installation makes it the perfect choice for wide range of applications such as LED Under Cabinet lights, LED Tape lights and various LED Sign fixtures installations. Regulated LED Power supply features easy to use plug & play, lightweight, compact size and ideal for indoor and outdoor use UL listed driver.

12V DC Dimmable LED Driver

Looking for a top-quality, UL listed dimmable Class 2 LED power supply (driver)? Look no further than our 12V DC Class 2 All in One series. Perfect for dimming 12VDC LED lighting fixtures, this driver is compatible with a range of dimmers including Forward phase, Magnetic low voltage, ELV, and Triac. Achieve the perfect level of illumination for any space with ease and efficiency using our reliable and high-performance LED power supply.

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24V DC Dimmable LED Driver

24V DC electronic dimmable LED drivers are the class 2 UL listed low voltage LED lighting dimming solution. All in One series is compatible with forward phase, magnetic low voltage, ELV and Triac dimmers.

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12V DC Power Supply Non Dimmable

12V DC Regulated Non Dimmable Class 2 LED Power Supplies for use in color changing and other LED lighting applications. Suitable for dry, damp and wet indoor/outdoor rated lighting applications. Great for Sign and 12V RGBW lighting applications.

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24V DC Power Supply Non Dimmable

24V Regulated Non Dimmable Class 2 Hard wired and Plugin Power Supplies for Indoor and Outdoor applications. Non Dimmable LED Drivers are great for RGB-W color changing lighting applications.

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LED Constant Current Driver

The Constant Current programmable LED drivers offers high efficiency, smooth flicker-free dimming and dim to off capability.

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