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60W 12VDC Class 2 LED Power Supply MTR72DAUL-1250B

60W 12VDC Class 2 LED Power Supply with AC/DC Adapter is a Lightweight, compact desktop size power supply. MTR72DAUL-1250B is ideal for indoor dry location use. In addition, 60W 12VDC Class 2 LED Power Supply features an input voltage range of 110-120VAC 50/60Hz. Also it includes a barrel type (coaxial) output connector as indicated. Moreover, Power Supply is UL listed for use in USA and Canada.

60W 12VDC Class 2 LED Power Supply MTR72DAUL-1250B comes with select-able Cable Type. Standard Cable Type comes in 6 foot length, Switch Cable available in 6 foot length with ON/OFF Switch and Long cable comes in 12 foot length.

Not for use with a Low Voltage Magnetic (120V AC) dimmer switch.

Technical Specifications

Max operation watts60 Watts (48 Watts Continuous)
Output Voltage 12 VDC / 5000 mA (60 watts)
Input Voltage110-120VAC
Low Voltage Plug73″ (1.85M) cord with 2.1 x 5.5mm low voltage plug at end
Power Cord6 (1.8M) Foot 2 prong power cord included
PolarityCentre Positive Polarity
SizeL 5″ (128mm) x W 2″ (51.5mm) x H 1.4″ (35mm)
CertificationsUL Listed


  • WAGO H05-415 Cable Connector

    Low voltage cable connector with 4 terminals lever clamps to connect wire to DC male end 2.1 x 5.5mm

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    LED Low Voltage Mini Dimmer DIM-2430A

    Max Voltage12V~24VDC (Class 2 regulated)
    Output1 channel 30-Amps (peak)
    DimensionL 86 x W 60 x H 35 mm (3.46″ L x 2.36″ W x 1.37″ H)
    Brightness0% to 100%
  • H05 Power Connector

    Low voltage 20″ DC connector with one 2.1 x 5.5mm DC Plug Female at one end and two pigtail wires, red (+) and black (-) at the other end.  

  • Y-60 Cable Connector

    Low voltage cable connector with two 5.5mm males and one Female.  Rated for a maximum of 4 Amps

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