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Architectural LED Strip Outdoor Light

RGB and RGBW LED Strip is a low voltage Super Bright color changing LED lighting in a flexible Strip. Use with our optional LED Color controllers and our Class 2 regulated power supply.
Architectural Neo-Flex Strip lighting for outdoor building perimeter, sign lighting applications. It illuminates directly to the surface of the channel letters. Architectural Strip lighting is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
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    24VDC Neo-Flex RGBW Outdoor LED Strip FC84M50-5M-24V-RGBW

    Length16.4 feet (5 meters)
    Volts24 VDC
    LED Type5050 SMD LED
    Flexible and highly durable LED Architectural lighting product
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  • 24VDC Neo-Flex Outdoor LED Strip FC120M30-10M-24V-X

    180-220 lm/ft (Bright Plus)

    Available in White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue
    Length32.8 feet (10 meters)
    Flexible and highly durable LED Architectural lighting product
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    360° Distribution RGB LED Neo-Flex Strip NF360-3-RGB

    Length9.84 feet (3 meters)
    View Angle360 degree
    Volts24 VDC
    Flexible and highly durable RGB LED Strip with 360°light distribution
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    24VDC LED Wall Washer Strip FP06

    620-640 lm/ft (Quattro Bright)

    Available in2700K, 3000K, 4000K
    Length6.56 feet (2m) x 3pcs
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  • Architectural Outdoor LED Strip FC266M20-XM-24V-X

    420-450 lm/ft (Quattro Bright)

    Length16.4 ft (5m)/ 19.6 ft (6m)
    LED Type2016 SMD LED
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