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wireless rgb led receiver

Wireless RGB LED Color Receiver(Slave) H-R009PD

HUEDA™ wireless Indoor Color Receiver (H-R009PD). Works with Hueda Hand-held Remote, Hueda Hub and Hueda wall mount controller. Wireless control of RGB modules, RGB and RGBW LED Strip lighting (12-24VDC).

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Outdoor RGB LED Colour Receiver(Slave) H-R009FA(W)

12~24VDC constant voltage water resistant outdoor RF color receiver with 4 channel (RGBW LED) output to control RGB and RGBW LED Strips. Compatible with the HUEDA™ series Master Controllers.

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RGB LED Receiver(Slave) T3-CV

T3-CV RGB LED Receiver, which works with T3 or wifi-103 RGB LED Controller. Use only with Class 2 Regualted Power Supply.

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