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Wireless Dimming Switch 315MHz E3T-S1AXX

315MHz-Self-powered Wireless Light Switches are powered by EnOcean technology that converts the press of the switch into a small amount of electricity.

This electricity is used to transmit a wireless signal that communicates with a wide variety of ILLUMRA Receivers.

Battery-free wireless light switches are primarily used to control lights in homes or businesses but they can be used to control virtually any on/off device. Each Self-powered Wireless Light Switch can be placed anywhere within range of a receiver. Traditionally the wireless light switch is surface mounted on a wall with screws or industrial tape but can also be used in a standard switch box or as a wireless hand-held remote.

Pairing Wireless Switch and Receiver

1) Press LRN button on 315MHz Receiver for 0.5 seconds



2) LED Lights will start to Blink
3) On 315MHz wireless switch press the Top of the Rocker Button once



4) Wait for 30 seconds or Press LRN button on 315MHz for 2 seconds. If LED light stop blinking, both Switch and Receiver are paired and ready to use.
5) Press CLR button to reset pairing and start all over again.



Technical Specifications

Range 50-150 feet
Frequency 315 MHz
Power Supply Self generated
Buttons 2 Buttons (1 Rocker)
Output Channels Only limited by number of receivers in range
Dimensions 2.75(L) x 4.5(H) x 0.75(D) inches
Operation Temprature -25 C~ 65 C (13F ~ 149F)
Radio Certifications FCC (US) & IC (Canada)
Addressing Factory set unique ID (1 of 4 billion)

Wireless LED Dimming


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