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LED Colour Controller STICK-DE3

The Third generation STICK comes with a state of the art design and amazing features such as: 1024 DMX channels, touch sensitive panel, clock/calendar, remote control, Ethernet facilities, and much more….

This complete standalone, wall-mounted DMX color controller is the perfect answer to a wide variety of lighting control situations and has been designed to accept the most challenging projects with ease.

The STICK-DE3 can be adapted to any environment. Control dynamic lighting inside a house, bar, office block, shopping center, hotel or even a landmark. With 1024 DMX output channels and the ability to store 500 scenes across 10 zones, the DE3 is one of the best value controllers on the market today.

The STICK-DE3 includes an Ethernet network connector allowing you to connect your STICK to a Local Area Network (LAN). Once connected, the unit can be controlled from the STICK remote app or programmed using the *Arcolis app for *Apple iOS and *Google Android devices. Easily controls any DMX decoder.


12V/24V RGB strips/Modules LED Color Controller
Graphical color display
Touch sensitive buttons
Color/dimmer/speed palette
Multi-Zone microSD memory
Software control
Ethernet connectivity
External triggering
New glass design with easy install


Hotel, Offices, Apartment, Homes and Resorts
Garden, Landscape and Fountain Decoration
Airport, Bar, Museum Lighting
Casinos, Theme parks
Dimensions86 x 110 x 11 mm
DMX channels2 x 512
SD cardmicroSD card
Number of scenes500
Number of zones10
Memory capacity (steps) with 20 channelSD card limit
Memory capacity (steps) with 60 channelSD card limit
Memory capacity (steps) with 512 channelSD card limit
Power voltage5V-6V DC
Power connectorScrew terminal or RJ45
Live controlColor / Dimmer / Speed
Touch sensitive buttons20
Port triggering8
Clock triggering100
Power voltage5V-6V DC

Device Controller Information


Device Controls

The STICK-DE3 is based on 4 modes. Scroll around the touch sensitive wheel to change the dimmer, color, speed or scene or tap around the wheel for direct access to a value. The arrows can be used to step through values.


Ethernet Connectivity

The STICK-DE3 includes an integrated ethernet controller. This allows the unit to be programmed and controlled over a local network. Program the controller over ethernet using any of our computer software packages, or connect with an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet to program with the Arcolis app or control with the DMX Lightpad 3 app.


  • 5CH DMX512 8 or 16 bit Color Decoder Pro Series H-DMX2108A-5M-3

    Multiple Zone Control DMX decoder to control multiple RGB-W strips as one. Converts analog signal to universal standard DMX512/1990. Uses 5 channels with 256 shades of brightness.

  • LED Colour Decoder LT-840 DMX Zone Controller

    DMX Decoder for use with RGB low voltage LED Strips, bars and other low voltage LED RGB lighting.  Set DMX decoder to desire channel (address) to control one or many zones (to control multiple RGB strips). Converts analog signal to universal standard DMX512/1990. Uses 4 channels 256 shades of brightness. 

  • New

    24 Channel RDM DMX 512 Decoder SR-2108B-M24-3

    DMX Decoder featuring flicker free 30K PWM frequency, ideal for film making.  Set the DMX decoder to desired channel (address) to control one or more zones (to control multiple RGB strips as one). Converts analog signal to universal standard DMX512/1990. Uses 24 x 4A channels.

  • Outdoor Use Rated DMX-512 Decoder H-2102B(W)

    H-2102B(W) is the water resistant standard DMX512 compliant control interface, allows you to set DMX address via digital numeric display. Compatible with DMX Master HUEDA™ and STICK DMX Master

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