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Horticultural LED Grow Tube LX-GLT10-HW-14B

LED Grow tube uses the new light spectrum optimized horticulture Sunplus 3535 SMD LEDs for higher yields and lower operating costs compared to standard horticultural T8 and T5 fluorescent light fixtures. Ideal lighting for Micro greens, lettuce and seedlings, the low profile light tube allows for a great utilization of growing space while reducing the cost and maintenance of LED drivers.

Using standard 120VAC, the light is easily linkable to other Grow tubes without bulky LED drivers and wires. The Linear LED Grow Light use less energy, generating almost no heat while lowering cooling costs and production costs.

Features & Benefits

Sunplus 3535 SMD LEDs PPF/W highest umol/J per watt
Direct 120VAC powered & Linkable.
Multiple light mounting configurations for various horticulture applications.
Low profile fixture.
Abatable in two grow spectrums (12% & 25% Blue).
Proprietary configurable track mounting for space utilization.
Shorter production growth cycle using less energy.

SunPlus 3535 Horticultural Grow LED Graph


Vertical growing applications (Micro Greens)
Growth Chambers & Seedlings
Container Growing

Technical Specifications

Chip Option Spectrum PPFD (umol/s)
Purple (25% Blue) 2.24
Purple (12.5% Blue) 2.02
Power Consumption 20W
Operating Voltage 120VAC, 50/60 Hz
Driver Integral to fixture
LED Sunplus 3535 SMD LEDs
Operating Environment 14°F to 104°F (-10°C to 40°C)
Dimensions L 47.5″ x Ø 1.18″ (L 1181mm x Ø 30mm)
Housing Thermal regulating design
Lens 60° (or 75°)
Connectors Polarized plug
Environment Indoor damp location use
Mounting Options Mounting Clips

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