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LED Puck Lights

Our Beautiful decorative LED COB cabinet lights ideal for Kitchen Cabinet and Under Cabinet Lighting. UL listed thin LED Puck lights, Recessed and Surface mounted LED pucks for under cabinet lighting comes in 2700K, 3000K, 4100K color temperature.
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    Dimmable LED Puck Light Recessed/Surface Mount QS-107T-2.2W-12V-X

    VoltageDC 12V
    Sizeф 75 x H 7 mm (2.95″ x 0.27″)
    Lumens80 lumens/W
    Color Temperature2700K, 3000K, 4000K
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  • 1W LED Recessed Wall/Stair Light QS-701C-1W

    VoltageDC 12V
    Sizeф 50 x H 37 mm (1.96″ x 1.45″)
    Lumens80 lumens/W
    Color Temperature3000K(WW)
  • 3W LED Puck Light Recessed Mount QS-RD-COB3W-12V

    VoltageDC 12V
    Sizeф 85 x H 22 mm (3.34″ x 0.86″)
    Lumens240 lumens
    Color Temperature3000K(WW), 4000K(NW)
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