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Wide Standard Aluminium Channel AC-AS3-1M

Wide Standard Aluminium Channel (AC-AS3-1M) is made with Aluminium metal.
Available Length size for Wide Standard profile is 1 meter (3.28 feet). Width is 23.5mm and Height is 11mm.

Included Item 

  • Opaque Lens Cover
  • Mounting clip pair
  • End cap pair

Wide Standard aluminum channel AC-AS3-1M is designed for our wider LED Strip Lights.  Moreover, Our Wide standard aluminum channel is ideal for use in small spaces, cabinets, furniture and many more applications.

Additional accessories are available under the Accessories Tab

Wide Standard Aluminium Channel Dimension


  • End Caps

    End Cap (Without Hole) and front cap with hole for wire., For use with the Standard Wide Channel


  • Mounting Clips AC-AS3-CLIPS

    Mounting clip (2/pack) with screws, For use with the Standard Wide Channel

  • 1 review for Wide Standard Aluminium Channel AC-AS3-1M

    1. Rated 4 out of 5

      Chris (verified owner)

      Bought the Standard Wide Channels to house several runs of Phillps Hue Lightstrips. The Hue Lightstrips are roughly 15mm wide, so a standard LED channel (about 12mm wide) isn’t sufficient; you need the 20mm bed of the Standard Wide Channel.

      The channels themselves are of good quality; sturdy and well-finished. You won’t cut yourself on sharp edges.

      My only complaint is that the channel cover is described as opaque; but in reality it is closer to frosted. The Hue Lightstrips are about 1600 lumens, and even at very low settings the individual diodes are quite visible through the frosted cover. If you need a truly opaque cover (wherein individual LED diodes/hotspots are not visible), then this channel’s cover is not for you.

      I had planned to put a run of these under some over-desk cabinets, but in light of the cover’s relative transparency, I didn’t think that was wise, and mounted them on the back of the desk (reflecting light off the wall) instead.

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