• What is class 2 led driver and why it is so important?

    Date Published: May 10, 2023 Published By: LED World Staff

    A Class 2 LED driver is a type of power supply that is designed to deliver a limited amount of electrical power to LED lighting fixtures. The term “Class 2” refers to a specific set of safety standards established by the Canadian Electric Code (CEC) in the Canada, which governs the use of low-voltage power sources in buildings.

    Class 2 LED drivers are important because they provide a safe and reliable power source for LED lighting systems. These drivers are designed to limit the amount of electrical current and voltage that is delivered to the LED fixtures, which helps to prevent electrical shock hazards and minimize the risk of fire or other electrical hazards.

    Additionally, Class 2 LED drivers are typically more energy-efficient than other types of power supplies, which can help to reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs for LED lighting systems.

    Overall, the use of Class 2 LED drivers is an important consideration for anyone who is designing or installing LED lighting systems, as these drivers can help to ensure the safe and efficient operation of LED fixtures in a wide range of applications.

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